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Botmock has everything you need to create amazing chatbot prototypes and it comes with the power of drag-drop editor.

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What You Design Is What You Get
Powerful Editor
Map out how your customer’s journey would look like when interacting with your bot.
Build a high-fidelity preview of your chatbot. It just take a few clicks. Export them into Gif and Video.
Visually see how your conversation flow will feel and tweak it accordingly.
Get feedback from your team, stakeholders and clients all in place – directly on your conversation design.


Best way to design conversation flows

Use our drag and drop editor to create powerful conversation flows that enable you to quickly create a detailed outline of your customer’s journey. Use real templates from platforms to create truly engaging experiences. A true what you see is what you get experience.

Ability to plan full flow and run a mock view is really helpful. Other platforms don’t help capture the full flow in planning. This has been hugely helpful. Peter Preston

Founder, InBound Bots


Designed for teams in mind

Get feedback from your team, stakeholders and clients all in place – directly on your conversation design. Get notifications directly in your inbox when the conversation is updated so you never miss anything.  

We’ve used the tool to showcase what we believe is the required way of working to “bring to life” conversational experiences to our clients and internal team members. Cameron Nili

Advisory, Conversational AI Strategy


Create high-fidelity prototypes 

See what your copy looks like on a single conversation. Are you sending too many messages? Is it too much for the user to read or hear? Drag and drop messages to change the order and use real templates provided by the platform. 


Instantly preview your conversation

Show your customer journey using our real-time previews for both voice and text-based chatbots. You can get an animated preview of your conversation mock for Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa or Actions on Google or export them into video or gif easily! 


Collaboration for your entire team 

When you need to work with your team, simply grant them access to your project and see the magic happen. You can control who in your team can edit projects and who can only comment.

Create engaging conversational experience using Botmock


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