We would like to officially announce that our Botmock + Alexa Skills Export Script is now available to the public! Alexa Skills Kit is one of the most powerful ways to create voice skills and distribute them to the masses. With this integration, you can now take your Botmock Designs/Prototypes and hand them off to your Development Team to be able to start the process of deploying Voice Skills with the data that you have created and managed in the Botmock Platform. All Botmock users on all plans have access to the API and this integration library.

The library is currently open source and is available to anyone for modification on Github. If you find bugs or would like to expand the library’s functionality, feel free to leave an Issue, or even go ahead and submit a Pull Request. If you have any other questions about the utility as well, direct all questions to help@botmock.com. 

We also invite anyone interested in using the Export Script to view our Launch Webinar, which was streamed live on July 10th, 2019. This webinar includes a full demo of how to use an existing Alexa-Based Flow Project in Botmock and use the export library to easily import the data in the Alexa Dev Console, which powers Skills Kit.



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