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Botmock’s Voice Summit 2019 Recap

And with that, Voice Summit 2019 is over! We would just like to start off with thanking everyone for stopping by our Startup Expo booth last week to chat with us, learn more about the platform, and ask us great questions. We would also like to thank the organizers of...

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[Giveaway] Amazon Echo Show 5 at #VoiceSummit!

If you haven't heard yet, the Botmock team will be at #VoiceSummit 2019 and we have on more trick up our sleeve to sweeten the deal with our involvement at the event! We're happy to announce that we're going to be giving a chance to win a FREE Amazon Echo Show 5, the...

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Announcement: Alexa Skills Kit Export

We would like to officially announce that our Botmock + Alexa Skills Export Script is now available to the public! Alexa Skills Kit is one of the most powerful ways to create voice skills and distribute them to the masses. With this integration, you can now take your...

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Designing Shopify Chatbots with Botmock.

When it comes to building chatbots for a Shopify e-commerce site, you have a few different options with how you can distribute a chatbot, but not a lot of leeway to offer the best possible experience for a customer base. A chatbot could be built right into the site...

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Botmock Will Be At Voice Summit 2019!

We're finally at our big reveal for July, Botmock will be at Voice Summit 2019! We'll be bringing a few members of our team, as well as running special events and more during the event. We will be also representing from the Voice Summit Startup Expo, where you will be...

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