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Feature Spotlight: Note Blocks

This week, our feature spotlight is on Note Blocks, an easy way to communicate with a team and also add extra information to the Botmock editor, but without effecting the flow itself. When adding a lot of different members to a team, it can become difficult to get...

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Get Started With Usability Testing

  Today, the Botmock Team is proud to present the launch one of our largest features yet. Usability Testing is officially deployed to all users who are in an Advanced or Enterprise Plan, and is also available for anyone who is using the 15-day free trial. With the...

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Top Keywords for Voice in 2019

As we’re right in the middle of the most important year so far for Voice Design and Development, we thought it would be good to recap the top words/terms that are circulating around voice. This list was compiled to help educate the type of trends to be watching, and...

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Feature Spotlight: Jump Blocks

With Botmock, projects and flows are meant to scale to larger projects, but with certain teams and formats, a more organized structure may be needed to keep up with approvals and a good number of team members. In our latest update of Botmock, we are happy to announce...

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