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Feature Spotlight: Project Templates

With Botmock, creating projects doesn’t have to just start from scratch anymore. With our templates features, it’s easy to create an opportunity for an entire team to be able to create projects that have projects with a consistent structure for any messaging channel...

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What is a VUI Designer?

In 2018, we really saw Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant take over households and the next step is for it the trend to keep growing and evolving. With these evolutions, it’s almost becoming more and more important for large brands to start thinking a little bit more...

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Botmock will be at Chatbot Conference NYC 2019!

Coming up in just about a month, the Botmock team will be attending the Chatbot and AI Conference 2019! The event has announced a lineup of amazing speakers and sessions that will revolve around several different facets of the Conversational Space at the moment. As an...

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Botmock Featured on Alexa in Canada 🇨🇦

Looking for an amazing way to kick back with a nice podcast? Check out Botmock’s feature on the Alexa in Canada podcast from a little over a week ago. Teri and Obaid both sit down to talk about voice interfaces, Botmock’s history, upcoming features, and more! It’s an...

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Botmock Attends: Voice of the Car Summit 2019!

Last week, the Botmock team had the opportunity to attend and sponsor the Voice of the Car Summit in Sunny San Francisco! The Voice of the Car Summit was an event dedicated to talking about the future of conversational interfaces in the automotive industry and where...

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Botmock’s Recap of SuperBot 2019!

Last week, Team Botmock was able to stop by the amazing annual SuperBot conference that is put on by the team at Dashbot.io. Here are our top takeaways from the event! Multi-Modal is 2019 While voice itself was more of a topic for 2018, 2019 is defined by the idea of...

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Botmock Product Update (04/10/19)

Spring has finally spring and with that we are happy to announce some new features, improvements and new, more affordable, pricing! While we have plenty of big and small changes in this release of Botmock, we’ll try to break it down to the major changes that you can...

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