On our very first edition of Conversational Design Talks, we got a chance to catch up with Brielle Nickoloff of Witlingo and have an honest conversation about how far the world of conversational design has come. In this conversation, we learned a little bit about Brielle’s thoughts on the design process, the next steps in creating and promoting conversational design, and how structure itself is evolving in the conversational UI/UX space.

Our conversational design talk series is our brand new push to help solidify and promote good practices/standards in the Conversational UI space at the moment, and a way to discuss what design looks like and could look like from top influencers. Keep an eye out for our episodes, which will be published weekly to our blog.

Top Quotes:

  • “Because humans are such good natural conversationalists, VUI becomes a bit of a challenge overall.”
  • “A mobile app has a bit more of an obvious purpose, but you have to go through that process with voice as well. Understanding the new experiences and environments can distinguish your skills better from your other mediums.
  • “Larger companies are merging developers and designers in voice teams, and right now it might be better to start separating the roles and improving the collaboration process.”

On next week’s episode, we will have Tim McElreath from the Discovery Network joining us to talk about how the entreatment industry is using Conversational Design to create new experiences for their audiences.

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