Scot Westwater of Pragmatic Digital - Botmock

 On this week we sit down with Scot Westwater to chat a little bit about conversation design and the voice space. Scot is a Co-Founder of Pragmatic Digital, an agency focused on helping clients utilize the potential of voice and build for audience expansion through voice channels. In this episode, a lot of the processes for successful Voice projects are discussed, as well as talks about where the voice space is going to be down the line.

Our conversational design talk series is a brand new push to help solidify and promote good practices/standards in the Conversational UI space in the current state of Chatbots/Voice. It is also a way to discuss what conversational design looks like and could look like from the top influencers in the space. 

Top Quotes:

  • “Customer Service is a no-brainer when looking at business challenges to bring to voice”
  • “I’m a big proponent of testing assumptions first before going after any single platform, rather than just jumping in”
  • “I think we’re going to see more multi-device homes more often where it’s not not just a single platform owning a home”

Tune into our next episode, which will air in 2 weeks. Also, make sure to sign-up for our next Webinar on July 10th, which will be around Amazon Alexa!

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