Conversation Design Talks

Our conversational design talk series is our brand new push to help solidify and promote good practices/standards in the Conversational UI space at the moment, and a way to discuss what design looks like and could look like from top influencers. Keep an eye out for our episodes, which will be published weekly to our blog.

Scot Westwater of Pragmatic Digital

 On this week we sit down with Scot Westwater to chat a little bit about conversation design and the voice space. Scot is a Co-Founder of Pragmatic Digital, an agency focused on helping clients utilize the potential of voice and build for audience expansion through...

Tim McElreath of Discovery Network

This week, we are honored to welcome Tim McElreath as a guest on our weekly Conversation Design Talk Series. Tim is the Director of Technology and Emerging Platforms at Discovery Inc., where he oversees amazing new innovative projects, especially around Voice in...

Brielle Nickoloff from Witlingo

On our very first edition of Conversational Design Talks, we got a chance to catch up with Brielle Nickoloff of Witlingo and have an honest conversation about how far the world of conversational design has come. In this conversation, we learned a little bit about...

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