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Enterprise Features

Account Manager

We understand that every team is different and they all work differently. So we assign a dedicated account manager to help you get the most out of Botmock.


Effortlessly work together on your projects and focus on the ideation process. No more sending attachments and feedback via emails. We bring the power of team collaboration right to your finger tips.

Team Training

Let us deliver customized training material that works for your team. We are committed to make sure your team gets the most out of Botmock no matter what size, skill level or industry.

Single Sign-On

Use SSO system for simple account management. With integrate with most SSO providers and can work with your team to ensure the security of your data, network and systems.

“Botmock is an incredibly useful tool for teams whose desire is to not only build conversational experiences but also to educate and inform others on how to do so. We’ve used the tool to showcase what we believe is the required way of working to “bring to life” conversational experiences to our clients and internal team members. Its easy-to-use and collaborative capabilities surely enhance this notion. The Botmock team has been very supportive and responsive to our team’s needs and requests for assistance. We recommend to all this tool as a way of effectively prototyping chatbots.”
Cameron Nili
Conversational AI Strategy