In our most recent product update, we went over a few new features that have now been added to the Botmock editor. On this list: The Content Workflow, a feature we thought can warrant its own blog post.

In short, Workflow is a powerful way to manage & review content statuses in your project.

So, why should you use Content Workflows? Often when you’re building out prototypes with Botmock, it’s easy to create quite a web of information, that can be useful to centralize for the sake of having your team on the same page and a way to see progress for different content blocks.

With Workflows, all advanced plan users receive 4 different columns for them to organize their content blocks in a Kanban style.

  • To Do: Blocks which are not actively being worked on, not pending review, and not approved
  • In Progress: Blocks which are currently being worked and getting ready for production.
  • In Review: Blocks which are ready for stakeholder/client approval.
  • Completed: Blocks which have been approved and are ready for production.

(If you’re looking to add more columns/steps to the workflow process, The Botmock Enterprise plan allows you to add and customize workflow columns)

With that, what are the next steps?

Well, we recommend giving content workflows a shot! We’ll be consistently making adjustments and improving the workflow experience with new features, but as of right now, the feature has rolled out to all of our advanced/enterprise customers and is ready for usage by any team size!

Got ideas? Questions? Want to learn more about Workflows? Don’t be a stranger and simply schedule a call with us!

Stay tuned for more amazing feature spotlights and product updates coming out in the near future.