With Botmock, projects and flows are meant to scale to larger projects, but with certain teams and formats, a more organized structure may be needed to keep up with approvals and a good number of team members. In our latest update of Botmock, we are happy to announce the addition to of Project Jump Blocks to the platform.

While Botmock is able to scale any needs for a conversational UI project, it can often get difficult to properly keep track of workflows, comments, and more under one project, so having Jump blocks allows you to modularize different projects (that are part of the same channel) and then bridge them together.

To get started with jump blocks, you can simply add them like any other normal content block, and when you use the in-editor “Run” tab or Usability Testing, the jump block will show a “Jump” to another project, and start that project’s sequence of content blocks.

The video below shows the power of Jump Blocks, and new ways of using this feature are currently in the works as well.

We have more features on the way to help teams build better conversational interfaces. Stay updated with the blog or Twitter.

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