Conversational experiences have an important role to play in the world. And with the current pandemic, they have never been more important — so many of us are using them to access information, support, entertainment, and more.

At Botmock, our mission is to help everyone create exceptional conversational experiences. Be it for voice, text, IVR, or any modality. To achieve this mission, we believe that every designer should have access to world-class tools to plan, ideate, prototype, and develop their conversational experiences. So today, we are excited to announce that individuals and teams building and maintaining chatbots, IVRs, or voice experiences (as on Alexa and Google Assistant) can now access Botmock for free.

Botmock is simplifying how conversational AI product teams collaborate by offering a single tool that empowers designers, developers, product managers, and UX researchers. Now chatbot and voice user interface designers have a tool that doesn’t constrain the creative process, while developers can use the same tool but still benefit from a smooth handover and Botmock’s powerful API and Open Source SDKs. Product managers can track progress throughout a project’s lifecycle while UXR can iteratively user-test the designs. Our platform is currently used by companies large and small, from major airlines, consulting firms, insurance companies, and large telecoms to thousands of independent creators across the world.

We are super excited about the direction we’re moving as we continue to grow with the rest of the conversational tech industry.

For a complete list of features available on the Botmock platform, go to: https://botmock.com/features/. To get started with the new plans, go to: https://app.botmock.com/.


Why are you going freemium?

Botmock’s mission is to empower conversation designers. By adding a free entry-point, we believe that we are helping to open up the world of chatbot and voicebot creation for the broader conversation design community. With our free tier you would be able to explore, ideate and plan your conversational experiences with all the power of Botmock. Upgrade to the Pro plan once you’re ready.

What will the free tier include?

Free tier will give you 2 projects, unlimited team members and all the other powers of Botmock like Journeys, Intents, Entities and Usability Testing.

Are you going to be free forever?

Yes, we plan to keep our free plan available for as long as we can.

Who is going to be using this plan?

You — the creative brain tasked to design an exceptional conversational experience. Oh, and your team members can join you on Botmock as well (for free). 😊

What will happen to customers currently on the lowest tier plan?

All existing pricing plans will be grandfathered. You will be able to switch to free tier if that fits your needs better.

What kind of support does the free tier include? What if I need more support?

You will have access to limited chat support, our Youtube channel, help docs, and regular monthly office hours with product experts from the Botmock team. We are here to help you.

How do I downgrade to the free version?

You can manage your subscription via the dashboard.

I am currently in my 15-day free trial with Botmock. What does that mean?

The 15-day trial is for our Pro plan. Once the trial ends you will be switched to our free plan.

I’ve tried Botmock before but didn’t continue once my 15-day free trial ended. What do I do now if I would like to try it again?

Your account has already been switched to our free plan, so you can login with the same email as before.

Do I need to enter my payment details for the free tier?

No, you don’t need to provide payment details for the free tier.

How do I switch to the paid version if I use the free version?

You can pick a plan by visiting the subscription page on your dashboard.

If I create more than 2 projects during the initial 15-day Teams trial, what happens to those projects when the trial ends?

Your projects are always accessible post your 15-day trial.