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MONTHLY $30/month $75/month $180/month Contact Us
YEARLY (2 MONTHS FREE) $300/year $750/year $1800/year CONTACT US
Team Members 1 3 Min 10
($18/user/month after that)
10 or more
Projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Remove Branding x YES YES YES
Password Protection x YES YES YES
Snapshots New! 1 month 1 month 3 months 3 years
Revision History New! 1 month 1 month 3 months 3 years
HD Exports x YES YES YES
User Testing Limited YES YES YES
Collaborative Editing x YES YES YES
Private Export Queue x x x YES
Email support YES YES YES YES
Self-serve knowledge base YES YES YES YES
Priority support response x x YES YES
Dedicated customer success manager x x x YES
Individual onboarding and training x x YES YES
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) x x x YES
Payment by invoice x x x YES
Enhanced data security x x x YES
Start Trial Start Trial Start Trial ConTact Us

Frequently asked questions

What is Botmock?
BotMock is a design and collaboration tool for chatbots. You can create detailed conversation flows and mocks for various messaging platforms. Export them to gif and video and share with your team or clients.
What happens when I start a trial?
You get fully-functional account for 15-days, which gives you access to everything Botmock has to offer. After the 15-day trial ends, your card would be charged the subscription amount. You can cancel anytime within the 15-day period to avoid getting charged at the end of the trial period.
Why do I need to create a team?
Teams enable you to keep your projects organized. You can invite different people to be part of different teams and even have different subscription levels for each team.
Do reviewers need an account or subscription?
You can share a view-only link with anyone and they do not require any account or subscription. If you wish for them to be able to comment or edit the document, then they will need to be invited to your project and will need to create an account.
What happens if I want to change my subscription plan?
You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time. You will be pro-rated if you switch your plans within your existing subscription period.
Can I deploy my bot to production?
Short answer: no.

Botmock is designed to a prototyping tool. Our focus is to help you visualize your customer’s journey and experience with your chatbot before you start development. We do offer an API that can enable you to extract your prototype and use it for development.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?
Yes you can cancel your subscription at anytime. Our system will let you know when your billing period ends and after that date your account will automatically revert to free plan.
Do you offer custom demos?

Yes, we do. We host a weekly webinar where we walk you through different aspects of Botmock and answer any questions you may have. We highly encourage you to signup for the webinar. No membership is required!

I have more questions that you didn't answer. How can I reach you?
You can always reach us via email at