Looking for an opportunity to learn about how to work on prototyping an Amazon Alexa skill and handing it off to a developer for Deployment? Make sure to tune into our #BotmockLIVE webinar coming up this Wednesday, July 10th, to see a live demo, learn a little bit about the Skills Kit integration, and get your questions in about the future of prototyping/designing for Amazon Alexa.

To register for the event, register for a seat at our Launch Page before space runs out. Upon the start of the event, you will get a notification email with a link to the webinar, as well as a follow-up email after the event with a full recording of the live event as well. You will be able to ask questions at the #BotmockLIVE hashtag or under the actual webinar on YouTube in the comments.

We hope to see you there, and stay tuned for more webinars coming soon.