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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BotMock?

BotMock is a design and collaboration tool for chatbots. You can create detailed conversation flows and mocks for various messaging platforms. Export them to gif and video and share with your team or customer.

Why do I need to create a team?

Team allows you to keep your projects organized. You can invite different people to be part of different teams and even have different subscription level for each team.

Do reviewers need an account or subscription?

No account or subscription is required to view a shared mock or conversation flow. However, if a reviewer would like to commend on your mock or conversation flow they will need to register for an account, but they are not required to have a paid subscription or be part of your team.

Can I cancel my account anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime. Once your subscription is cancelled, we will revert your account to free tier.

What happens when I start a trial?

You get fully-functional account for 15-days, which gives you access to everything BotMock has to offer. If you love it, your card will be charged a monthly fee at the end of the trial period.

What happens if I want to change plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time, but remember that we can't refund you for the month you've already paid for. If you choose to join a free plan, we'll archive all but your most recently edited projects.

Can I deploy my bot to production?

BotMock is a chatbot mockup tool. We enable you to create detailed conversation flows and mocks before you start your development work. Once you have a chatbot prototyped, you can use any of the existing tools to build your chatbot.

Do you offer custom demos?

If you would like to see a one-on-one demo of BotMock please send an email to and our team will schedule on for you.

One Tool To Design For Multiple Platforms